January 30, 2020
Great Expectations online resources are available for you!
Presenter: Kim Pitner

Join me, Kim Pitner, on a tour of the vast Great Expectations resources available online! Simple strategies, lesson plans, and easy implementation tips. Gathered and tested for 20+ years, you can use GE today and every day to transform your classroom or district! Useful in professional development meetings and personal use. Let’s make education Great!



February 11, 2020
Topic: Parent Connection Overview
Presenter: Betty Sheofee

This webinar focuses on how the 17 practices would be implemented at home.





March 3, 2020
Topic: See How Important I Am! Practice #16:  Interpersonal Communication Skills
Presenter: Christy Sheffield

Digital technology keeps expanding its place in our society; is it blocking out some essential person-to-person capabilities? This Webinar will focus on the crucial reasons WHY employing interpersonal communication skills is important as well as HOW TO instill such life-long valuable competencies in students’ lives.